Baja 4000

The longest and most difficult Baja race is ready to start.


This spirit of desert racing and off-road trips live on. In January 2017 classic Baja road racing will be combined with the zany energy of the Budapest-Bamako to bring you a unique once in a lifetime experience.

The BAJA 4000 starts from Los Angeles and travels along parts of Route 66 to Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, the Salton Sea and the hippy enclaves of Slab City before crossing into Mexico at Mexicali.



Baja 4000

Planned Route Of Baja 4000

The Baja 4000 will ride along dry salt flats,  sand dunes, rocky dirt roads, sandy patches, cracked asphalt, silt beds and hard beach roads.

Spend nights in mystical canyons near hot springs. Bump along desert beach tracks and cut through cactus forests.

Experience off-road driving one of the most incredible eco-systems in the world.






Most driving will happen on dirt roads, yet most of the journey can be completed in regular two wheel drive cars as well. Most nights will be spent under the starry skies in your tent, but you can find motel/hotel alternatives on some of the nights. Be prepared to rough it for a few days.



The Baja 4000 is a minimal assistance road rally. There are no rescue trucks, medical helicopters or travel guides. You have to rely on your own wits and resources to get out of trouble.


We will have one full rest day in Cabo San Lucas where participants can enjoy the beach and we’ll have a chance in Guerrero Negro for some grey whale face time.


The Baja 4000 is open to “anyone by anything”. If it’s street legal you can drive it. The rally is open to cars, motorcycles, trucks and whatever else you can think of. Further details will be announced in February 2016. Space is limited to 50 teams. It is strongly recommended that you pre-register and secure your place for the 2017 Baja4000.



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