The Route

JANUARY 25-FEB 3, 2019

Detailed route will be announced April 2018

Teams can join the Baja 4000 in racing, team racing and touring categories. The route of all categories will be the same. There might be slight differences.

The rally will start in Los Angles in January 2019. The detailed route will be announced in the spring of 2018. It’ll be a round trip along the Baja peninsula. We will travel on different routes going south and coming north.

After a day in California, the rally will enter Baja California and travel  to Cabo San Lucas and then back to Los Angeles.

Take a moment to look at the 2017 route.


Route of the 2017 Baja 4000.

Our goal is to keep the stages between 200 and 600 kms each day and take the rally through the most spectacular desert landscapes and beaches of Baja California. Raw untouched natural beauty, off-the beaten path adventures have been the trademarks of Bamako Adventures. This trip will be no different.

This was the route of the 2017 run of the Baja 4000.

Date Start and end points Distance
Jan 13 Los Angeles-Guadalupe Canyon
(Warm up day. No points in racing category)
500 miles
800 km
Jan 14 Guadalupe Canyon-Bahia De Los Angeles 384 miles
615 km
Jan 15 Bahia De LA-Sierra De San Francisco 173 miles
277 km
Jan 16 Sierra De SF- Mission San Luis Gonzaga 343 miles
550 km
Jan 17 Mission SLG – Cabo San Lucas 284 miles
455 km
Jan 18 Cabo San Lucas – San Juanico 280 miles
447 km
Jan 19 San Juanico – Guerrero Negro 338 miles
542 km
Jan 20 Guerrero Negro – Catavina 162 miles
269 km
Jan 21 Catavina – Ensenada 300 miles
480 km
Jan 22 Ensenada- Los Angeles 207 miles
332 km
TOTAL 2971 miles
4753 km

Things change all the time. Conditions get bad. Roads disappear. Weather intervenes. This route may change any time for any reason. Distances are approximate numbers.



The unique and surreal landscapes of the Mojave high desert will captivate you. Be amazed at night time skies, rich culture, unique vegetation and the mind blowing rock formations.


Just like in the Sahara. California will bid farewell to the teams with a massive dune system just before entering Mexico.


Stage 3 will start form Guadaupe Canyon where magical landscapes meet healing hot waters. Enjoy sunrise or sunset from your own thermal pool.