Organizers have announced the detailed route of the Baja 4000

Organizers have announced the detailed route of the Baja 4000

The world’s largest amateur rally is relocating to Mexico for a year.

detailedrouteApril 19, 2016, Los Angeles – Organizers of the first Baja 4000 have announced the official route of their next marathon rally, which is scheduled for January 2017. The creators of the world’s largest amateur rally, the Budapest-Bamako are bringing the fun to North America by holding a 10 day long, 4000 kilometer desert challenge for amateur race car drivers and professional adventurers. “We’re super excited about being in the Baja and being able to showcase the most magical places of this unique part of our planet,” said Andrew G. Szabo creator of the event.

The Baja 4000 will kick off with a long, but spectacular stage from the beach in Los Angeles. The first day of the rally will be its longest, but will serve as an adquate warm-up day for racers. No points will be given, but participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the rally’s unique format and navigational challenges. “Our rallies are not speed races, but navigational and endurance events where consistent driving, navigating and adventure survival skills are needed to win,” added the always enthusiastic Szabo.

After passing through Joshua Tree National park, the Mojave, the Salton Sea and the Imperial Sand Dunes, teams will cross the border at Mexicali and spend the night at the Baja’s enchanted Guadalupe Canyon. Stage 2 will take drivers across the salt flats of Laguna Salada, the dirt roads of Santa Clara Valley at the feet of the Devil’s peak, the rocky canyons of Matomi and cactus strewn riverbeds down to Bahia De Los Angeles. Teams will spend the night on a virgin beach here by the ecologically diverse L.A. Bay.

After completing nearly 900 miles in two days, participants can rest on the beach before entering a 173 mile off-road section to the U.N. protected world heritage site of Sierra De San Francisco. “We spent 2 months designing the course so participants can experience the most of Baja’s rich wildlife and cultural heritage”, said the organizer.

Cars, dirt bikes and trucks will reach Cabo San Lucas by completing a 280 mile section from the abandoned mission of San Luis Gonzaga. From Cabo San Lucas teams turn north and will travel along the dirt roads of the Pacific to Guerrero Negro. Here organizers set aside a half a day to see the world’s largest grey whale sanctuary and nursery.

From Guerrero Negro the rally dashes through the rocky cactus forest of Catavina and the Pacific beach roads of Ensenada before finishing the race in Manhattan Beach, CA. The total distance will be 4,700 kilometers (2970 miles).

Over 100 teams from 20 countries have either registered or officially entered 2017 event. The Baja 4000 is a charity event raising funds for abandoned children and orphans on the Baja peninsula. It’s open for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and trucks.

Date Start and end points Distance
Jan 13 Los Angeles-Guadalupe Canyon
(Warm up day. No points in racing category)
500 miles
800 km
Jan 14 Guadalupe Canyon-Bahia De Los Angeles 384 miles
615 km
Jan 15 Bahia De LA-Sierra De San Francisco 173 miles
277 km
Jan 16 Sierra De SF- Mission San Luis Gonzaga 343 miles
550 km
Jan 17 Mission SLG – Cabo San Lucas 284 miles
455 km
Jan 18 Cabo San Lucas – San Juanico 280 miles
447 km
Jan 19 San Juanico – Guerrero Negro 338 miles
542 km
Jan 20 Guerrero Negro – Catavina 162 miles
269 km
Jan 21 Catavina – Ensenada 300 miles
480 km
Jan 22 Ensenada- Los Angeles 207 miles
332 km
TOTAL 2971 miles
4753 km