Dangers, Entry Terms & Conditions

As you might have figured it out, the Baja XL is not a simple Sunday drive in the country. You also understand by now that in case of trouble you can only count on yourself and your team mates. Parts of the road are completed daily by individuals, but as a whole the entire journey is full of risks and dangers. Please take a moment to read some of the potential dangers and evaluate whether you want to take the risks.

Please also review the terms and conditions of your entry.


  • Car accident on an American highway at high speeds
  • Car accident in Mexico on a paved road at high speeds
  • Imprisonment in Mexico for hitting a pedestrian or livestock
  • Imprisonment in Mexico for other reasons
  • Dehydration in the desert
  • Irreparable damage to your vehicle far from human populations
  • Car accident or injury far from major populations
  • Armed robbery, theft in Mexico or the U.S.
  • Food poisoning
  • Viral (Covid19) or insect borne infections
  • Shooting incidents especially at Walmart stores in the US, Tijuana and La Paz provinces
  • Getting caught in gangland warfare in La Paz and Tijuana
  • Sun stroke/sun poisoning
  • Corrupt officials in Mexico
  • Lazy officials who will perform their jobs slowly and thus delaying you
  • Corrupt policemen who will want to take money from you because you look rich to them
  • Dangerously driving Mexican
  • Dangerously driving Americans
  • Earthquakes
  • Landslides
  • Poor medical treatment in Mexico
  • Cactus injuries
  • Poor road conditions


  • Your entry becomes official once your payment is made.
  • Entry fees are only refundable if the event is canceled.
  • Entries can be sold, transferred or gifted to others
  • All official communication prior to the event is done through our Facebook group and website Team-Info page.
  • ¬†During the event you are responsible for your own safety.¬† You must provide your own assistance in health, legal, mechanical or other matters where assistance is needed. The organizers of the Baja XL will not provide any such assistance.
  • Your entry provides membership to the Baja XL community. Your membership entitles me to use the Baja XL logo on my website, vehicle, clothing and equipment, you will have full access to a members only internet site and I may attend all Baja XL events free of charge including start and finish ceremonies.