The Route

JANUARY 25-FEB 3, 2019

Detailed route is now official. Teams can join the BAJA XL in racing, team racing and touring categories. The route of all categories will be the same. There might be slight differences.

The rally will start in Los Angles in January 25th, 2019. It’ll be a round trip along the Baja peninsula. We will travel on different routes going south and coming north.

After a day in California, the rally will enter Baja California and travel to Cabo San Lucas and then back to Los Angeles.


Our goal is to keep the stages between 200 and 600 kms each day and take the rally through the most spectacular desert landscapes and beaches of Baja California. Raw untouched natural beauty, off-the beaten path adventures have been the trademarks of Bamako Adventures. This trip will be no different.

The route is going to be more challenging on the north and beachier and chiller in the south. Puerto Lopez Mateos will be the whale watching rest day. If you are in the touring category you can even skip a day an lounge on the beaches of Todos Santos or Bahia De Suenos.

Here is the official route of the 2019 BAJA XL. The first number is the official race route distance. The second number is the shortest possible distance between the two points.

Date Start and finish Distance:
All in miles.
Jan 25 Los Angeles-Mike’s Sky Ranch 442/313
Jan 26 Mike’s Sky Ranch – Catavina
Jan 27 Catavina-Puerto Lopez Mateos
Jan 28 Puerto Lopez Mateos-Todos Santos
Jan 29 Todos Santos-Bahia De Suenos
Jan 30 Bahia De Suenos – Ciudad Constitucion
Jan 31 Ciudad Constitucion-Playa El Burro 201/153
Feb 1 Playa El Burro-Mission San Borja
Feb 2 Mission San Borja-Guadalupe Canyon 356/387
Feb 3 Guadalupe Canyon-Los Angeles 281/281
TOTAL 2988/2601


Things change all the time. Conditions get bad. Roads disappear. Weather intervenes. This route may change any time for any reason. Distances are approximate numbers.


The unique and surreal landscapes and man made art of the Anza Borrego Desert in California will captivate you. There is no competition or required route in California. However we will give you geo challenges and suggest scenic routes.

We will enter Mexico through Tecate which is made famous by its beer factory. Teams can use any other entry point to Mexico.

Stage 2 will start from Mike’s Sky Rancho and take you through magical landscapes to Catavina.

Seeing gray whales up close and personal is a truly awe inspiring moment of the rally. The Puerto Lopez Mateos-Todos Santos stage is kept short so teams can experience these majestic animals.